Petex cat scratching pad PS529

249.90 ILS
249.90 ILS

Size: 46 * 30 * 76 CM Once you have found the perfect scratching post for your cat, place it exactly where your cat used to sharpen his claws before. If the cat scratches and sharpens its nails in the new scratching facility, praise it for its actions with a pampering snack, it will thank you (: The cat is a territorial animal, if you have several cats in the house, please provide some scratching facilities so that each cat will have its own facility Prevents the cat from sharpening its claws on furniture How to choose the most suitable scratching post for my cat. First choose a scratching surface that is adapted to your cat's nail sharpening position. You probably already know in which position he likes to sharpen his nails. Each cat has its own grinding position (: Size does matter: Choose a scratching pad / scrubber that fits your cat's size. Note that the scratching post must be higher than your cat's stretching position

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