Planting light and hanging the shape of the seven-coloured clematis

20 ILS

About the product - Applications: This solar path light has more color options and lighting patterns, and can be used in outdoor lawn and garden, either by plugging into the ground or hanging it. Multiple Colors: Each solar landscape light has 7 colors, choose your favorite colors such as red, green, yellow and blue or let them cycle automatically. Features: There is an on/off switch and a light mode switch. Lighting mode includes: "SMART" mode to change color in one day with one color; "CYCLE" for real-time color cycling; and "LOCK" for fixed color. Performance: Using high-power solar panel and Ni-NH battery, the solar path light supports higher brightness and longer lighting time. It can light up all night with a direct charge of sunlight for 8 hours, and it can light up for 4 hours even on cloudy days without enough sunlight. IP65 waterproof.

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